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Slide Associative Educational Municipal Health / Training Awareness

AREAS OF WORK Gaituzsport develops actions in the following four areas of action, providing the strategies and resources necessary to facilitate the participation of all people in criteria of equal opportunities and social normalization

GaituzSport takes part in the Portugalete Map of Care Initiatives

    The Portugalete Map of Care Initiatives was presented at Santa Clara Cultural Centre, Portugalete on 9th March.  This map set up by Portugalete...
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  “Bizi Prest Renal” is a physical exercise based Health Programme aimed at kidney transplant patients and/or those with kidney disease. The participants do the...
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  “Bizi Prest” is an initiative of GaituzSport, which aims to accompany and empower people with cancer who have participated in the “Bizi Orain” research...
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TRAINING AWARENESS TRANSVERSAL HUBS All the areas of work must assume inclusion dissemination and awareness through physical activity and sport; thus, the transversal elements revolving around the work areas are:

Slide - Certificate of professionalism: physical-sporting and recreational animation for the disabled Via the physical-sporting animation course, participants learn how to: create, manage, promote and assess physical-sporting and recreational activities for the disabled, always adapting to their needs. At GaituzSport we drafted the direction, design and implementation of the Professionalism Certificate at FP Harrobia Lanbide Ikastola. TRAINING TRANSVERSAL HUBS At GaituzSport we offer training programmes for professionals on inclusion in sports in collaboration with other bodies.

Slide AWARENESS AREAS OF ACTION We inform and create awareness for the Community in general, likewise the disabled themselves in particular regarding their right to do sport/physical activity in a community environment, shared either with other disabled or able bodies people.

Inclusive surf days

The GaituzSport Fundazioa Foundation, promotes and collaborates, in the 5 days of “INCLUSIVE SURF EXPERIENCES”, organized by the Guipuzcoan Surf Federation, within the “Federarte Festibalaren Zirkuitua 2019”; with the collaboration of the surfer Axi Muniain and the Axi Muniain Surf Eskola.

We work as a network to achieve inclusion, through the practice of Physical Activity and Sports. After the good results obtained in the Surf “Baptisms” in 2018; This year we will once again celebrate Inclusive Surf Experiences, with the collaboration of the Guipuzcoan Federation of Adapted Sports. The conference will be held in the Gipuzkoan towns of Zarautz, Hondarribia, Donostia (Zurriola), Deba and Orio.

The objective is that people, with and without DISABILITIES, can participate together and enjoy surfing, in an inclusive way and under equal conditions.

For this reason, from the GaituzSport Fundazioa Foundation we coordinate and guarantee the inclusion of the activity, providing knowledge and:

· Human resources and necessary materials

· Previous functional assessment

· Specialized monitoring

· Support in wardrobe and accompaniment

· Accessibility and technical aids

Awareness raising in educational centers

GaituzSport carries out from its Educational Area, an awareness program in Educational Centers, to promote inclusion and respect for diversity in a didactic way, using physical education and games as tools.