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Igorre Council and GaituzSport present the “Inclusive Programme via Sport” in Igorre


Igorre Council and GaituzSport will be presenting the “Inclusive programme via Sport in Igorre” at the Casa de Cultura de Igorre, at 7:30pm on 20th September.

Sport becomes a valuable social inclusion tool when both the material and personal environment are prepared for the same. With this in mind, Igorre Council and GaituzSport have been working together for a year carrying out exhaustive analysis and diagnosis of the municipal sports offer. This has resulted in critical conclusions and essential recommendations acting as basis to improve the municipal sports offer. These actions are part of the Inclusive Municipal Programme, whose main purpose is to foster physical activity and sports among everybody guaranteeing equal conditions for each and every one.

Doing Physical Activity and Sport is both a right and an essential health factor to which everyone should have access regardless of age, gender, capacity or socio-economic condition. Through this Programme, Igorre Council undertakes to make sport a real opportunity for everyone fostering accessibility, inclusion and equality in the town. Here at GaituzSport we should like to thank Igorre Council for their awareness and effort in taking another step forward towards inclusion.



  • ADAPTED SPORTS PROGRAMMES to the needs and capacity of everyone, especially this disABLED and/or those with health alterations, ensuring everyone can take part and enjoy physical activity and sports in equal conditions.
  • INFORMATION AND ORIENTATION SERVICE we advise people on how to find the most appropriate activities for their needs and capacity. Our information and orientation service provides personalised support ensuring everyone finds the physical activity-sport which suits and benefits them most with safety and quality.
  • INCLUSION IN THE MUNICIPAL OFFER for the 23/24 Course the conventional sports offer will include direct accompaniment during a specific number of sessions. During this process policies and programmes designed to meet everybody’s needs with the collaboration of GaituzSport experts to facilitate inclusion will be implemented and managed.
  • ACCESSIBLE SPORTS EQUIPMENT AND SPACES to facilitate access for the disABLED and/or health alterations to sport in equal conditions so nobody gets left behind.

  Inclusion is a marathon and at GaituzSport we continue to work and increase the number of council joining so everyone can do physical activity and sport in equal conditions. Inclusive sport brings us together and makes us equal, improves society increasing empathy and recognition of the disABLED collective’s capacities.


GaituzSport was born in 2014 as a Social Innovation Project of the Basque Adapted Sports Federation, to respond to the reflections that emerged from the Euskadi Adapted Sports Plan 2015-2020.