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Page for projects within the awarness proyects of ​​GaituzSport

Kosta Trail 2024 for the benefit of GaituzSport will be held on 16th June

                                                                                                                                                                              This 18th edition will be an event marked by the organisation’s commitment to inclusion and sustainability since part of the money collected will...
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GaituzSport kicks off the year with €13,300 donated by Kosta Trail, to support inclusive sport

Funds were raised through registrations for the 17th edition of Kosta Trail, a sporting event for charity, held last June in Uribe Kosta. GaituzSport Fundazioa...
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3rd GaituzSport Weaving Networks Summit: “Both society and the institutions need to put their inclusion glasses on”

 The 3rd GaituzSport Discussion Summit “Weaving networks for inclusion via Physical Activity and Sport” was held at Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao with Basque Government, Bizkaia...
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3rd “Weaving networks for inclusion via Physical Activity and Sport” Summit will be held in Bilbao on 24th November

 GaituzSport will hold the 3rd “Weaving networks for inclusion via Physical Activity and Sport” Summit an innovative, dynamic and interactive forum to discuss, analyse and share...
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The GaituzSport Awards will be awarded at the Kursaal Donostia Conference Centre on 20th April

  They acknowledge the exemplary work of people and bodies via physical activity and sport to achieve a fairer, healthier, more equal and inclusive society....
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The `Kosta Trail´ race will be held for the benefit of GaituzSport on 18th June

Organized by Forum Sport, Salomón and Laboral Kutxa.   It’s the 17th edition of Kosta Trail, the first mountain race at sea level covering earth,...
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GaituzSport success in their 2nd “Weaving Networks for Inclusion” Encounter centred on physical activity and health

  The Foundation GaituzSport Fundazioa held a successful “2nd ‘Weaving Networks for Inclusion via Physical Activity & Sport’ Encounter” at the Carlton Hotel, Bilbao, sponsored by...
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The 2nd Debate Forum “The 2nd weaving networks for inclusion via Physical Activity and Sports” will focus on health

  The 2nd edition of this innovative interactive debated organised by GaituzSport, will be held in Hotel Carlton, Bilbao on 25th November Prestigious experts in...
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Kosta Trail hands 12,700 Euros to GaituzSport to support inclusive sport

  The funds obtained were thanks to the registrations for the 16th edition of Kosta Trail, the solidarity sporting event held in June on the...
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Spectacular 6th edition of the GaituzSport Awards for inclusion in sport at the Euskalduna Palace, Bilbao

  Kepa Junkera, Agrupación deportiva FEKOOR, Padel Bizkaia Zamudio Torrelagoitikluba, Fundación ONCE, Amagoia Arrieta, Jaiki Surf Eskola and Juan Carlos Unzúe received awards in this...
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