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MUÉVETE 2.0 Research project analysing the functional capacity of the disABLED

Research is part of our DNA, and GaituzSport R+D+I team led by Sheila Romero da Cruz, is working on the new research project “Muévete 2.0”...
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Health & Physical Activity Sessions in Bilbao with free inclusive practical workshops during November

  Doing physical activity is essential for the health and socialisation of everyone. GaituzSport continues yet another year with our Health & Physical Activity Promotion...
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Free inclusive Health via Physical Activity Sessions in Barakaldo

For the 3rd consecutive year GaituzSport will be holding inclusive health sessions as part of its Programme for promoting health via physical activity to achieve...
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Igorre Council and GaituzSport present the “Inclusive Programme via Sport” in Igorre

  Igorre Council and GaituzSport will be presenting the “Inclusive programme via Sport in Igorre” at the Casa de Cultura de Igorre, at 7:30pm on...
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The `Kosta Trail´ race will be held for the benefit of GaituzSport on 18th June

Organized by Forum Sport, Salomón and Laboral Kutxa.   It’s the 17th edition of Kosta Trail, the first mountain race at sea level covering earth,...
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GaituzSport receives the “Diploma for Advanced Management” awarded by EUSKALIT

During the Basque Government EUSKALIT Advanced Management Award 2022 Gala on 14th December, GaituzSport received the “Diploma for Advanced Management” after surpassing the EUSKALIT outsourced...
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Kosta Trail hands 12,700 Euros to GaituzSport to support inclusive sport

  The funds obtained were thanks to the registrations for the 16th edition of Kosta Trail, the solidarity sporting event held in June on the...
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Kiprest, an innovative technological tool which facilitates Physical Activity practice for the disABLED and/or those with health problems

  We at GaituzSport are references in the development of innovative methodologies and tools in the sphere of inclusive physical activity. We present “Kiprest”, a...
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GaituzSport has received the 3K Programme Diploma for “Innovation in sports bodies”

Fundación GaituzSport Fundazioa received the Euskalit 3K Programme Diploma in their 15th edition “Innovation in sports bodies” after taking part in and on completion of...
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  For the second successive year GaituzSport is holding inclusive physical activity workshops in Barakaldo as part of their health promotion Programme via physical activity...
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