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During these difficult times we’re living during the health state of emergency, we remember our families, friends, colleagues, not to mention all the people like you who belong to this large ‘family’ called GaituzSport.


We’re working from home, but more actively, and more active than ever in the face of COVID-19. Here at GaituzSport we’re sending you all our strength and a message of encouragement because together following instructions responsibly we’re going to defeat this virus to return to ‘normality’.


Throughout this long confinement we have to be active, because physical activity is our ally to hold onto our mental and physical health. At GaituzSport we’ve adhered to the movement #Imoveathome and encourage you to follow us on our social networks and subscribe to our YouTube channel where you’ll find videos to do exercise at home following the instructions of our technical area professionals, who are Physical Education graduates, with attention to different limitations and a proposal to do games with the family.

We’re going to continue breathing life into our day-to-day to make this confinement feel shorter and more bearable, by bringing out the best in ourselves.

All our love, chin up and take care of yourselves!!

We’re going to win this game!!




GaituzSport was born in 2014 as a Social Innovation Project of the Basque Adapted Sports Federation, to respond to the reflections that emerged from the Euskadi Adapted Sports Plan 2015-2020.